Blog Post
Attract, Retain, and Convert
Yomi Toba
November 5, 2020

All effective businesses we come across follow the ARC principle.

They must Attract, Retain, and Convert customers.

By the time you swipe your card at the checkout line, and the store attendant hands you your items with a smile and a “Have a nice day!” you have completed the process.

You are now a cog in the wheel like everyone before you.

You have been attracted to the store either through word of mouth or advertising, retained (as you selected your choice items), and converted to a paying customer.

How do you make this principle work for you and your tribe?

If you are a business owner, you can optimize retention and effectively maximize your conversion by focusing on your customers’ time and attention.

If you can maintain the appropriate customer attention and manage their excitement for long enough, you will complete a sale, but there’s a balance you must maintain to retain your customer.

1) Avoid the impulse to overexcite

The overexcited customer may lack accurate information about your product or service, and instead of becoming a brand ambassador becomes a negative review.

2) Prioritize content, sales information, and references

Know what you’re selling, and know your competition. You can keep a customer’s attention with your advanced knowledge about the subject they need your expertise in.

3) Understand the price of the product or service you provide

Remember that time and attention are limited for lower priced items, but higher priced items require more attention, and have a longer sales cycle.

If your customer is purchasing a lower priced item, they will need a quick solution and have a short attention span; you should expect a very short time between attracting and converting the user. For higher priced items, anticipate longer times.