African Chamber of Commerce in Saint Louis
Building a communityof professionals

The mission of the African Chamber of Commerce is to build a community of African professionals, business owners and those engaged in business throughout the African continent for the economic development of the St. Louis region. The chamber intends to become the prime resource center and leading advocate for African business community in local, national and international market.

Designing the Brand

The African Chamber of Commerce in Saint Louis had been recently incorporated, and needed a website to advertise their services to new members and collect payment for membership fees. After a slow down in development, YT Advisors was enlisted to breathe life into the African Chamber of Commerce’s project.

With clear design direction, the team at the chamber of commerce focused primarily on appealing to a community of African professionals.

Designed to inspire

A Fresh point of view

At the heart of this project were two core problems to solve. First, many people aren’t familiar with the chamber of commerce. So, the site would need to help educate users. Second, there was low brand awareness around the African Chamber of Commerce in Saint Louis.

To solve this the site would market a fresh point of view. The goal was to highlight the individuals, members of the chamber to focus on the value each member brings to the organization. Focusing on different companies and individuals the Chamber built a close knit community of African professionals.