Big Top
Recruiting and career managment
Big Top combines networking with hyperlocal job listings and engaging content to connect applicants with the hottest companies and jobs in their community. The team at American Underground acquired Big Top in June 2017 as part of a strategy to meet the needs of growing technology and startup companies in the Triangle region of North Carolina.

Scraping the internet

The Big Top website currently lists hundreds of jobs from local tech companies. For 15 months, the Big Top team had been using manual methods to update their comprehensive job board. The process was arduous, expensive and most importantly out of date as they typically can’t update but on a 8-12 week rolling basis.

More and more individuals look to this comprehensive directory of the areas jobs as a one-stop source.

Plugin Integration

A new way to work

Our goal was to build a custom, proprietary tool that crawls a targeted list of these companies daily, identifies their job page(s), scrapes the job title, job description, job requirements and populates a database. Secondly, the tool would integrate with a third party job board plugin and automatically update local jobs on the website. Finally, the tool would use a machine API to identify and categorise the type of job by using the data scraped from the website.

We successful delievered on the project, on time an on budget, and months later Big Top was acquired by ExitEvent.