Higher Education Television Channel
On Demand Arts, Culture & Education Programming

HEC Media is St. Louis’ leading producer of education, arts, and cultural television programming.

HEC Media reaches 620,000 subscribers every minute of every day over-the-air. It offers educational content for lifelong learners and cultural virtuosi on www.hecmedia.org.


Re-designing with legacy

The Higher Education Channel (HECTV) was looking to redesign their website. The primary goal for the redesign was to switch from a show based focus to a story / genre based focus. The redesign would also improve searchability and allow users to find content throughout the website.

We developed a vision for the website that included personalized content based on the individual preferences and a feed accessible to the site visitors.

Avoiding re-inventing the wheel

We decided to focus on user behavior and cater to a younger audience, or users on the go. We believed a mobile first design would allow visitors to access the videos and content more conveniently.

Drawing inspiration from media sites like npr.org, issuu.com, pbs.org, riverfronttimes.com, do314.com, we created a fresh, familiar responsive media website that improved overall branding, expanded their marketing efforts and increased the number of leads generated for their sales team.