Ripples Foundation
Empowering African Women

Ripples Foundation equips women and youth with the tools, training, and resources needed for them to take control of their own future, better support their families and strengthen their communities.

Ripples programs aim to build the capacities of women to help them start their own businesses and invest in their communities.



Building marketing campaigns

We were approached by the Ripples Foundation to increase their reach and explore methods to engage their existing donors. We focused on improving and enhancing the visual storytelling and helping their new and old donors become more aligned to the brand messaging.

We started by focusing primarily on images that spoke to mission of Ripples Foundation. Our site redesign addressed key messages, tagged user behavior and retargeted visitors on social media.

Optimizing digital advertising

Our goal with digital advertising was to encourage support. We created a mobile-responsive site to target users on all platforms, integrated with Mailchimp for email marketing, created branded donation pages, and mobilized support on social media.

To optimize the effect of our digital efforts, we managed a $10,000 per month Google AdWords budget for SEO.