Training and contextbased strategies
U-RISE aims to provide training and context based strategies to build “Trust” and nurture “Integrity” in leading positive engagement amongst diverse groups of stakeholders with a common purpose of promoting equity in health.

Educating Everyone

The U-Rise team had the challenge of being a new company and required a certain amount of education for new site visitors before highlighting the services provided. The education would have to highlight specific areas of expertise focusing on culture, leadership and race and social justice.

We were posed with the challenge of effectively displaying their areas of expertise while establishing credibility, and encouraging user engagement.


An Eye on the horizon

With big plans to grow, the U-Rise team needed a solution that would scale with them. As a result, we created a solution that, in addition to servicing the the organization’s immediate needs – introducing the brand; explaining the vision; connecting with customers and volunteers; and providing an outlet for press and media – the platform was flexible enough to evolve with the company, allowing the team to customize all elements of the site.